We at JBBN offer consultation on warehouse selection and arrange for Bonded and private ware housing depending up on customer's requirement.

We offer storage and transportation services to importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers, etc. Through our warehousing services, you get huge storage capacity and close proximity so that your consignments can be easily stored on unload.

We also provide the necessary transport services from the location where the shipment was unloaded to our nearest warehouse.

JBBN Services in the area include

We offer both short term and long term storage needs. For long term warehousing facilities, we have special pre determined terms and conditions, while short term storage needs cater to keeping special promotion stock. We have very flexible storage space, and it would be possible for us to handle any sudden change in the level of your inventories.

If you invest in building an in house warehouse, you will have to incur huge fixed costs, but by choosing us for your storage services, we will help you change these fixed costs into variable cost.

  • Integrated Warehousing & Distribution System
  • Storage-Short Term and Long Term.
  • Handling of Bulk Inventory.
  • Stuffing & De Stuffing.
  • Pick and Pack Services.
  • Scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Wide area Distribution.
  • Dangerous goods storage.
  • Perishable goods & Cold Storage.